#2 Enova International

Located in the heart of Chicago’s financial district, Enova International is just steps away from the Willis Tower, great shopping and a variety of restaurants.

Enova is considered to be a global leader in online financial services with a mission of helping hardworking people fulfill their financial responsibility with fast, trustworthy credit.

We will never put our employees in a box.

Unlike most financial service companies, Enova is proud of their ability to maintain an extremely relaxed and open work environment for their employees.

David Fisher, CEO, said that Enova has an extremely heavy focus on attracting and retaining their Gen Y employees.

“First off, there’s no dress code or strict work hours,” said Fisher. “We always focus on working around our employees’ preferences, so if they work best on an Apple computer, we’ll get them an Apple computer, if they are most productive later in the day, then we encourage them to come into work when they think is best. We will never put our employees in a box.”

Gen Y employees nearly mirrored what Enova’s CEO, David Fisher, had to say.

Ian Cundiff, Software Engineer, is a huge fan of the flexible hours that Enova offers.

“I can come into work at 11:30am on any given day and no one will even turn a head,” said Cundiff.

Additionally, Enova is very supportive of employees working in different departments.

Lizzie Clark, Corporate Recruiter, has been given multiple opportunities to take on a variety of projects that do not directly relate to her role with Enova.

“Working on different projects has given me the opportunity to learn new skills and technologies,” said Clark. “Our managers really want us to have a better understanding of the business as a whole.”

By understanding how each department functions, Gen Y employees not only have a better grasp on how Enova functions, but they learn more about themselves, explained Lauren Ratcliff, Talent Coordinator.

“Gen Y has so much eagerness and ambition,” said Ratcliff. “Their generation has the ability to grow extremely quickly with Enova because they have the motivation to succeed and they have such an easy time learning new technologies, which is something that Enova really values in an employee.”

Enova also offers many unique and exciting perks for their employees including on-site haircuts, manicures and massages.

Financial Services
Office Size: 
501+ employees
Gen Y Employees: 
200 W Jackson Boulevard, 24th Floor, Chicago, IL 60606
Fun Fact: 
Employees are provided with their choice of a laptop, monitor and other small electronic to help boost productivity.
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Enova game room
Enova nail perks
Enova haircut perks
Enova yoga perks
Employees are saying: 

The best answer always wins here. – Lizzie C.

Our managers try to help us understand the business as a whole by letting us explore different aspects of the company. – Mayank G.

I love the flexible hours we have and the challenging work. - Ian C.