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#1 Coyote Logistics

"I feel like I’ve become a better person overall. It has an effect on your life because there’s such a support system."


#2 Enova International

"We will never put our employees in a box."


#3 ContextMedia Health

"At ContextMedia, the trajectory of your career is what you want to make of it."


#4 Sprout Social

"We’re an organization that really promotes two-way conversations between employees and leaders; we’re always open to listening to any ideas or suggestions our employees have regardless of role."


#5 UrbanBound

"Gen Y is so comfortable and up-to-date with all types of technology that there is never a challenge that they’re afraid to take on."


#6 BigMachines

"Everyone does their job well, so I know that I can rely on them."


#7 Pear

"Our company is young, this industry is young and Gen Y will be the group that steers us towards becoming a better and stronger company."


#8 CareerBuilder

"CareerBuilder believes in providing employees with the tools, resources and support to rise to the occasion."


#9 Fooda

"For a lot of our employees, this is one of their first jobs after college. We make an effort to provide training and mentorship, along with a fun office environment."


#10 Load Delivered Logistics

"We have put young talent in big roles at our company since day one, and it has allowed us to continue to drive our business forward and stay on the leading edge of technology in our industry."


#11 MSDSonline

"Having Gen Y on the team is vital to helping the company grow. We wouldn’t be nearly as successful without having young, energetic Gen-Yers providing excellent and expert service to our customers."


#12 SWC Technology Partners

"We have to be constantly evolving and growing to stay on top and Gen Y is a vital component of doing so."


#13 Braintree

"When you come to Braintree, you aren’t put in a box. You’re able to take on what you are interested in and capable of."


#14 kCura

"Gen Y team members are the future leaders of kCura. There is no way for this company to progress without exposing them to educational opportunities and managerial positions. They are going to directly impact the success of our business."


#15 Vodori

"Our young employees are the bedrock of the organization and they bring so many smart and unique ideas to the table."


#16 Leapfrog Online

"We give [Gen Y employees] the opportunity to do their work on a big stage and the opportunity to be a part of something."


#17 Zocalo Group

"I can't think of a better place to be than here because this is a place where the future of marketing is. We're cutting edge and ahead of the game."


#18 Divvy Bikes

"Everyone here feels like they’re giving back and doing something positive for the city."


#19 Groupon

"We’re a rapidly growing company in a new industry. Because of this, there are a lot of opportunities for our Gen Y employees to take on leadership roles fairly early."


#20 Kenrich Group

"Your work is very much appreciated here and the company culture is very positive. Everyone is very supportive of my choices and there is always an open door policy."


#21 Pangea Properties

"We’re unique because this is a place where anyone ranging from the CEO to a new employee is willing to help someone out. Everyone wants to see each other succeed."


#22 Hireology

"This is the kind of workplace where I always look forward to coming to because I really enjoy my job and the people that I work with."



"Growing our employees is like art, so we have to keep things interesting and challenging to continually engage Gen Y."


#25 Sandstorm Design

"It’s not about age, it’s about our core values."


#26 Sonoma Partners

"Keeping our employees happy helps us ensure we are always delivering quality work for our customers – which leads to us getting more customers."


#27 NogginLabs

"We welcome people to learn. We will never put our employees in a box."


#28 Morningstar

"“We focus on helping our Gen Ys hone their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. We want entry-level employees to perfect their professional skills."


#29 Spartz

"Our employees have fun at work and love what they do because we are always challenging them to discover what’s next."


#30 Meeting Tomorrow

"Attracting Gen Yers is not a strategic objective; they just fit our culture well. Their attitude and purpose is very aligned with Meeting Tomorrow."


#31 HealthScape Advisors

"[Gen Y's] progression within the company is a testament to the way that we run our business."


#32 DevBridge

"There’s no limit for growth. They like to promote from within and encourage employees to work where they have natural strengths and passion. If you’re committed to seeing progress in your career, this is the place to be."


#33 Be Found Online

"We have a noticeable lack of ego. The best idea wins and we don’t value anyone’s opinion over someone else."


#34 alligatortek

"We truly practice the belief that anyone can have a great idea, it doesn't matter how long you've been here."


#35 Walker Sands Communications

"Not only are they naturally talented at navigating and learning new technologies, but they’ve helped our company grow."


#36 CNA

"CNA really invests in employees and is a strong advocate of internal growth."


#37 Assurance

"Whether it’s an additional half-day off or surprise casual day, we do a lot of little things to remind our employees we’re thinking of them."


#38 Echo Global Logistics

"We want all of our employees to have the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally here at Echo. Our culture fosters this type of organic growth. It’s in our organizational DNA."


#39 Fruition Partners

"The Gen Y mentality keeps things fresh. They bring an attitude and perspective of ‘Why not me? Why can’t I do that?’"


#40 Orbit Media Studios

"Working with various types of technology is second nature to [Gen Y], so they are able to grow and take on more challenging projects much quicker than older generations."


#41 Threadless

"If any employee ever has a good idea, I always tell them just to run with it. One of the best things about working at Threadless is that no one will ever tell you what to do."


#42 edo

"You feel like you have more ownership of your day-to-day work, and that makes the work more meaningful."


#43 cleverbridge

"Each day is different and presents a new challenge. Also, I just love the environment and how open everyone is; it feels like we’re a family."


#44 Shiftgig

"As we quickly grow, we’ll constantly need new, fresh ideas to stay current. Gen Y has been a played a huge part in contributing unique suggestions and we are very open-minded."


#45 Resolution Media

"We all get together and can communicate, whether we share the same opinion or not. It doesn't matter what level you are, if you have a good idea, it’s a good idea."


#47 Prominence Advisors

"Our goal isn't to just meet our clients’ expectations; it’s to always exceed expectations. To reinforce and celebrate this, at our team meetings each of our advisors share how they have exceeded expectations with the entire company."


#48 Total Quality Logistics

"TQL is full of highly motivated sales people who really enjoy their job because the sky is the limit for them."


#49 SurePayroll

"Our focus is on doing the right thing for our employees. We want to always stay true to our values and keep our employees happy, healthy and safe."


#50 SpringCM

"Knowing that I can involve myself anywhere in the company and work with a variety of people is really exciting to me."

2013 Top 50 Employers for Gen Y Emerging Talent in Chicago

Gen Y, or those born between 1980 and 2000, is an extraordinarily talented and motivated group that is projected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. As such a purpose-driven, social, mobile and tech-savvy group, Gen Y values flexibility and having their voices heard, even as they just enter the workforce.

Since 2009, Brill Street has been ranking the Top 50 Employers for Gen Y Emerging Talent in Chicago, an award that recognizes Chicagoland companies where Gen Y thrives.

When it comes to companies serving Gen Y, one size doesn’t fit all. You’ll find Chicagoland companies from all industries, with different sizes, locations and policies that all cater to Gen Y’s needs in their own unique way. The only requirements that our Top 50 employers must meet are having at least 10% of their workforce comprised of Gen Y and having at least one office in the Chicagoland area. We evaluated each company based on what Gen Y told us they were looking for in an employer via a survey distributed throughout the Chicagoland area. In order of importance, Gen Y most values benefits, salary, company culture, flexible hours, professional development, facilities and environment, CSR, reputation of company, PTO and travel requirements.

What does it take to be a Top 50 Employer for Gen Y Emerging Talent in Chicago?

  • Technology far outpaces every other industry on the list, with nearly 40% of companies a part of the techonology sector.
  • Three companies are entirely Gen Y, including their executive leadership.
  • Nine companies offer unlimited vacation days.
  • Eleven companies offer a paid vacation day, in addition to regular PTO, for employees' birthdays.
  • The two most common words used to describe company culture across companies were "fun" and "collaborative."